Monday, November 2, 2009


My oldest daughter Susan Liles ( has two daughters in elementary school. Annually, there is a fund-raiser for various things at the school (I'll bet you never heard of that happening! :D ). Anyway, they try to come up with something to do in an auction every year, and this year Susan had a TERRIFIC idea --- make up baskets filled with party giving goodies to be auctioned off! All Moms have to give birthday parties for their little ones every year and who doesn't run around getting paper plates, cups, decorations, invitations, etc. to throw a party!?!? This was a great idea to have a basket full of these goodies already made up making this job soooooo much easier!! Of course, Grandma, had to contribute something, so I came up with these two invitations (boy and girl) with envelopes to add to the basket. I thought they turned out really cute! Hope you like them.