Sunday, February 7, 2010


I had this little dog in my Miscellaneous Stamps box and tried coloring it in Oscar's colors. I want to send it to the Canine Soulmates organization as a Valentine to them from Oscar and to thank them for putting the two of us together!!! He went to the doggy hospital Friday and was neutered, had all of his shots, was micro chipped and tested for heart worms. I also had all of his blood work done so that he would have a complete health history with his new forever home!! He checked out well, except that he has a case of fleas -- of course, after his surgery we can't get a bath for 2 weeks, so he will have to put up with them for a while. He did not have to get a "cone of shame" (from the movie UP). With my being off this week-end I have been watching him to make sure he doesn't start licking on his incisions. He's coming along well, and I have cleaned the house and am washing all of the linens for the flea situation. As soon as the next pay day gets here, I plan on calling the exterminator to come out and use a "green solution" to spray the house and outside. I feel like he either came with them or he picked them up on our walks around the neighborhood. The doctor gave him a 30-day pill for the fleas, so that should be kicking in shortly.

Anyway, I'm still very THANKFUL to have him with me and it is a real joy for us both to have each other.