Sunday, February 7, 2010


I had this little dog in my Miscellaneous Stamps box and tried coloring it in Oscar's colors. I want to send it to the Canine Soulmates organization as a Valentine to them from Oscar and to thank them for putting the two of us together!!! He went to the doggy hospital Friday and was neutered, had all of his shots, was micro chipped and tested for heart worms. I also had all of his blood work done so that he would have a complete health history with his new forever home!! He checked out well, except that he has a case of fleas -- of course, after his surgery we can't get a bath for 2 weeks, so he will have to put up with them for a while. He did not have to get a "cone of shame" (from the movie UP). With my being off this week-end I have been watching him to make sure he doesn't start licking on his incisions. He's coming along well, and I have cleaned the house and am washing all of the linens for the flea situation. As soon as the next pay day gets here, I plan on calling the exterminator to come out and use a "green solution" to spray the house and outside. I feel like he either came with them or he picked them up on our walks around the neighborhood. The doctor gave him a 30-day pill for the fleas, so that should be kicking in shortly.

Anyway, I'm still very THANKFUL to have him with me and it is a real joy for us both to have each other.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Gretting Card for ME!!!!

My big sister, Susan (susiestampsalot), made a card for me and my new Mom!!! Isn't it cute!! On the inside it says, "I Ruff You!" Susan wrote "I'm so glad you found Oscar and he found you!" ............ and it's soooooooo TRUE!!! She also brought over a gift certificate to the Three Dog Bakery in Southlake. Maybe my Mom and I will go over this week-end and get some treats!!! I sure hope that my Mom takes me; however, she may have to think about it. I got mad at her this morning. She put me in my kennel for when she's at work and (I'm ashamed to say) that I started fussing at her cause I just DID NOT want to be in there, even though she made it really comfortable with an afgahn, my chew toy with the hidden cheese inside, and my new strippey squeek toy. Anyway, she'll be back this afternoon and maybe will have forgotten about how ugly I was when she left for work this morning.

Hugs from Oscar

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hello everyone!! My name is Oscar and I'm a 2-year old Shih Tzu and I'm the new man in Linda's life!! She and are doing very well together. I really like my new home and have taken a lot of walks (which by the way is my FAVORITE thing to do). She is very impressed with how well I behave and gives me lots of cuddles and hugs. I have taken over her ottoman but still leave her a little bit of room to put her feet up. She let me sleep in her bed last night (shhhhh! don't tell anyone, but I think that might be a permanent nighttime bed for me too). I did get a little scared last night when I got off the bed and saw a dog looking back at me from Linda's mirrored closet door! I growled in my very low and scary voice to let whoever that was know that this is MY room and stay away. Linda woke up and led me over to the door and guess what!! ...... that was ME in the mirror. Well, I wagged my tail and Mom and I got back into bed and continues our night's sleep. Whew, that was a close one..........
I'll get my Mom to post any of the new things we do. I know you will be interested to know how things are going with me and my "forever home"!!!
Hugs to all from Oscar and Mom

Monday, November 2, 2009


My oldest daughter Susan Liles ( has two daughters in elementary school. Annually, there is a fund-raiser for various things at the school (I'll bet you never heard of that happening! :D ). Anyway, they try to come up with something to do in an auction every year, and this year Susan had a TERRIFIC idea --- make up baskets filled with party giving goodies to be auctioned off! All Moms have to give birthday parties for their little ones every year and who doesn't run around getting paper plates, cups, decorations, invitations, etc. to throw a party!?!? This was a great idea to have a basket full of these goodies already made up making this job soooooo much easier!! Of course, Grandma, had to contribute something, so I came up with these two invitations (boy and girl) with envelopes to add to the basket. I thought they turned out really cute! Hope you like them.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I am using my second bedroom as my craft room. A while ago, after cleaning it (as well as could be expected for a lot of stuff), I took some pictures of it to send to my Uncle Garner who lives in Dallas so he could see my "creative" space. In return he made this collage (is that how you spell it?). I thought it was TERRIFIC and speaks so well for his computer savvy!! So, I'm sharing it and his talents with you!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

FALL 2009

I'm in the middle of making a bunch of Halloween cards to take to my doctor's office for he and his staff to pick from for their families and friends. I'm also doing my usual duties - cleaning, dishes, laundry - that I do every week-end.

During the cleaning chores, I got down my fall decorations -- a swag of fall leaves for the front door and the table decorations for the dining room. The door swag I ordered online a really long time ago and pack it away every year. The table is made up of two gorgeous ceramic pumpkins and a black candle stand that my daughter, Susan, gave me for my birthday last year. All of the other things (fall leaves - actually 3 vines of them - pumpkins, goards, etc.) I purchased last year at the Dollar Store (and, yes, they were ACTUALLY a dollar).

This is my favorite time of the year -- the colors, foliage, and everything! We're having our first chill of the season. It's in the high 50's low 60"s outside and the leaves on my trees are falling in the yard. GREAT!!!!! Sooooooooo nice! I think it looks wonderful and will enjoy it for the next weeks before putting out the Christmas decorations.

Thank you for stopping my and I'll see you guys later.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Here we are again with another Halloween card using the little witch from Stamping Bella. This layout was posted on Kristine B (Oregon) blog . This was so much fun to make ... I had ALL the ingredients needed without going out to add to my already bulging stash of stamps, paper, embelishments. I love the way it turned out with all the just right layout (thank you, Kristine). I hope you like it, too! Come see me again.