Sunday, November 2, 2008


Yesterday (Saturday) was a day of re-organization in my craft room. First came my stamp sets. I have a shelving unit from The Container Store that is 7 shelves high by 24 inches wide that was stacked to the hilt with my sets. They were originally organized by flowers, kids, etc. and when put back got totally out of this “theme”. The bigger (longer) boxes stuck out over the smaller ones making them hard to find. When I get my Stampin Up sets in, I cut them, mount them, and then label them with their names on the end along with the number of stamps for that particular set in case one strays from its home in clearing up my stamping space. I reorganized my shelves with the “hardly ever used” ones on the top shelf and then organized the rest by the size of the box they’re in …. A totally awesome idea as they can be scanned and pulled down so much earlier! Then, I decided the way to stay organized is to put the set back right after making the project that used them in (dangling participle).

Have you ever made a purchase for something to use in your crafting and that something leads to making a space to store it which leads to a new look for your space? That happened to me when my purchase of Copics came in the other day. I had NO space to put them on my desk that they would be in easy reach. I had to then reorganize my desk! I’m so glad I did! Everything was moved around, downsized, and reorganized to make my stamping a lot easier. I tore off the used up desk pad paper and got a fresh new “scratch” paper to mount on my CM cutting pad. Everything is all clean & organized giving me a rejuvenated attitude and got the creative juices flowing. It’s amazing how cleaning up a space also tends to clean your mind and your outlook!!

I’ve some cards to post, so enough of this “drama” and time to get to the fun stuff! See you in a minute.
Hugs ………. Linda

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Elaine M said...

Hi Linda
Wow - you've been one busy lady!! I'm impressed. My work space was nice and tidy once back in 1976 but that only lasted 10 minutes (just kidding) Are you going to share pics of your craft space? Would love to see it.
Blessings Elaine