Sunday, December 21, 2008

Preparations are DONE!!

Okay, all the gifts are bought, wrapped, and packed ready to go out the door, load in the car, and take them over to Susie's for our Christmas Eve celebration. I stopped by Subway Sandwich Shop and got our traditional sandwich trays ordered for pick up on Tuesday after work. I ordered one platter of turkey and one platter of roast beef both on wheat and a side tray of veggies (specifying the onions on a completely different plate ... a practice that we all learned the hard way from the first time we ordered). We'll combine these with different things brought in my Sara, Nancy, and Susan (chips, dip, salads, deserts, and drinks) and enjoy them throughout the day. I can hardly wait. I'll be off work from Wednesday until back at the office on Monday which makes for a nice break and a wonderful Holiday!!
My next posting will be for little gifts I'm planning on making for friends, family, and Realtors in my office. I've started making some calendars that the Realtors can take home and use by their computers. Susan also gave me some book marker covers that I can also use.
Wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a NEW YEAR filled with hope and happiness!

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